Jaime Bird

Cirriculum Vitae

Born August 23, 1986, New Haven, Connecticut


2010- 2013            MFA, University of South Florida

2007 -2009            BFA Ceramics, University of Washington

2004 -2006            Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT

Work Experience

2018-2019 Decor Coordinator, BBC Creative Services

2017-2019 Lighting Designer, One Eyed Jacks

2013 -2017            Prop Designer, NOLA Project Theater

2014- 2017            A/V Production Manager, Propaganda Group LLC

2013-2015            Carpenter, Solomon Group Fabrication

2016                      Costume/Scenic Designer, NOLA Project Theater

2013                      Costume Designer, Shadowbox Theater


Desiree Moore- Professor at University of Missouri, peer - 317.460.8087

Felici Asteinza- Mural Artist, former Elsewhere residency participant- 850.865.0076

Aj Allegra- Art Director of Nola Project Theater, colleague/employer-847.370.9751

 Residencies and Internships

2018 Mass MoCa, North Adams, MA

2013                        The Banff Art Center, Banff, Canada

2013                        ChaNorth, Chashama, New York, NY

2013                        The Atlantic Center for The Arts, New Symrna Beach, FL

2012                   The Arctic Circle Residency. Svalbard, Norway

2011                        Exhibit Educator, The Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL

Awards and Honors

2013                        Joan Mitchell Foundation Scholarship Fund, Atlantic Center for The Arts

2010-2013            Graduate Fellowship, University of South Florida

2011                        William and Nancy Oliver Scholarship, University of South Florida

2009                        Best in Show and Honorable Mention, Art of Hospitality Event

2007                        Honorable Mention, Ceramics and Metal Arts Gallery

Solo Performances

2016 “Shark Attack”, One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, LA

2013                        “Two Brothers”, Banff Center, Banff CA

2013                        “Code Duello”, ChaNorth Residency, Pine Plains, NY

2013                        “Of Men Ships and The Sea”, Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, FL

2012                        “Jaws: The Triathlon”, Tampa, FL

2011               “Premier Annual Yankee Arm Wrestling Competition”, Oliver Gallery, Tampa, FL

                               “Rexicus Aviticus”, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

                                “Superego”, Theater 101, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

2010                        “Thanksgiving: The Wadsworth Legacy”, Tampa, FL

                                “Fashions of Masculinity”, Tampa, FL

2009                        “Bearskin”, Seattle, WA

“Metamorphose”, Ceramics and Metal Arts Gallery, Seattle, WA

2008                        “Down with the Mouse”, Ceramic and Metal Arts Gallery, Seattle, WA

2006                        “Slip Cast Cups”, Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT

Group Exhibitions

2018 “Z Archive”, The Claire T. Carney Library, UMass Dartmouth

“The Deadly Ambiguity of Guns”, The New Orleans Art Center

“Full Circle”, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2017 “I’m Your Cannibal”, Front Gallery, New Orleans LA

2016                        “Bushwacked”, Aquarium Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2014           “Mark of the Feminine”, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA

         “Condensed Milk”, Aquarium Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2013               “We Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends”, Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa FL

2012                        “I’m Gonna Collect Until I Die…”, Center Gallery, Tampa, FL

2011                        “Master of Ceremonies”, Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, FL

“Deadly Denizens of My Own Natural Habitats”, Neighborhood Watch, Tampa, FL

                           “Blood Beast of Demon Swamp” Tampa, FL

                                  “Bestial Delights”, Oliver Gallery, Tampa, FL

“Masters of the University: Ultimate Fighting Exhibition”, Hurricane Boxing Gym, Tampa, FL

2010                        “Starbuck and Gregory Peck”, Seminole Heights Exhibition, Tampa, FL

2009                        “2-D Extravaganza” Ver (Art) Gallery, Seattle, WA

                                   “All the Better to Eat You With”, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007          “Pretty Lame”, Ceramics and Metal Arts Gallery, Seattle, WA, curated by Jason Huff         

Print Bibliography

 2010                        Butterfly in the Fire, College of the Arts Research Catalog, Tampa, FL